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 Wahoo Head 

Wahoo Head


(1" x 12.5" - 8oz) A cast lead head that looks like a ballyhoo, painted, then cast inside the polished resign head. It is balanced to keep it right side up with eyes to the side. It's dressed with brightly colored PVC skirts. Super realistic bait that will deliver the strikes! Use it by itself or in front of a ballyhoo.

Catches: Wahoo, Tuna, King Mackerel, Grouper, & More.

Remember, FREE SHIPPING on all orders totalling over $99. 

This is a great lure model that really produces but for some reason is not as popular as others in our line up so we have CUT THE PRICE to the bone to make them go. We are not sure if we will ever make these again so get them while you can.

Available Unrigged or Rigged with 7 feet of heavy duty stainless steel cable and a stainless steel double strength 10/0 Hook. Also available rigged with double stiff rigged (180 degrees) 9/0 stainless steel double strength hook set. Rigged Wahoo Heads no longer come in a Tormenter 5" x 16" Premium lure bag. These can be purchased seperately on the lure bag page....

Normally $28.00 Unrigged
Now Only - $12.99!

Normally $37.00 Single hook rigged
Now Only - $21.99!

Normally $42.00 Double hook Rigged
Now Only - $27.99!

Get Serious. Get Tormenter!

Dealer and Distributor Inquiries Welcome!

Fax: 561-828-7911


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